Independent Trip Planning

In the event that a student has their own contacts with clinics or local programs in other countries, they can plan their own trip. The Chair of the Tracks & Special Programs/Global Medicine Department will determine if the details of the experience (which are shared in the Global Academic Approval Form) are worthy of providing RVU credit. In many cases, the student may be asked to provide more detailed information or even have a meeting with the Chair so that it can be determined if the experience will be worthwhile, cost-effective, and worthy of credit.

Students who wish to receive more guidance before applying for an independent trip such as this can contact the Global Medicine Department at

A Note About Planning...

Students should initially be aware of the following information when signing up for an international experience:

The sponsoring organization’s COVID related protective guidelines for in country travel, work and daily life while overseas. All organizations should provide this information upon your registration.  If not, ask them before registering. They should also provide you with their updated cancellation and refund policies.  IF not, ask them. Be aware that that trip can be cancelled by the sponsoring organization at any time prior to departure and that you may lose some/all of your payments.

Airlines can also cancel or change your reservation for travel, usually results in a credit for future travel. Be sure you understand their policy on cancellations.

Countries and Airlines may require proof of a negative PCR test prior to entry, usually within 72 hours. If this additional COVID testing is required, it will be the student’s/traveler’s total responsibility to pay for and comply with these requirements.