Global Travel Experiences and Externships

All M3 and M4 RVUCOM students are encouraged to participate in at least one international externship, 2 - 4 weeks in length, during their clinical years.  About 40% of each graduating class has completed some form of international medical training experience during their time  at RVU. 

All M1 and M2 RVUCOM students are encouraged to consider participating in an RVU spring break trip or another medical experience abroad as they are able.

There are three ways COM students can get credit for international global medical experiences and externships:

     1.  Participate in an RVU sponsored trip (see trips currently being planned here) for ALL COM Students.

     2. Join a trip sponsored through an outside organization such as Work the World (see a list of reputable organizations here) for M3 - M4 students.

     3. Create a trip of their own through personal contacts (see important guidelines for this here) for M3 - M4 students.

Because these trips are offered as an elective or a clinical externship through RVU, students can apply for financial aid to supplement the cost. Each trip will be subject to its own dollar amount for approval depending on the location, time in country and cost of air fare.  The Chair of the Tracks & Special Programs/Global Medicine Department will inform the Student Financial Services Department on these details prior to each trip.

Access the "Cost of Attendance Increase Request Form" on the Financial Aid tab on myVista - or use this link: Cost of Attendance Increase Form

Note that a complete travel file will be required for each student traveling for credit. The contents of this travel file will be collected through the student uploads to their secure OneDrive file shared with them after academic approval and registration has been completed.