General Information

Tracks are open to second semester first year students and run through the remainder of their education.

Academic Medicine & Leadership - UT currently and potentially adding CO as a cross-campus cohort

     Dr. Clyde Jensen

     UNOFFICIAL IN CO - Dr. Heather Ferrill


Digital Health - cross-campus as one cohort

     Dr. Cole Zanetti

     Dr. Regan Stiegmann


Global Medicine - CO and UT, separately


     Dr. Camille Bentley - 

     Dr. Vickie Roettger -


     Dr. Mark Wardle -


Rural & Wilderness Medicine - CO and UT, separately


     Dr. Dave Ross - 


     Dr. Andy Nigh -

     Dr. Thomas Bigham -


Long Term Care Medicine - Utah only

     Dr. David Crimin


Physician-Scientist - CO and UT, separately


     Dr. Rebecca Ryznar - 


     Dr. Amanda Brooks -


Urban Underserved - Colorado Only

     Dr. Jean Bouquet

     Ms. Jen Fisher