General Information

Electives are open to all students, from any program who are in good standing. Course offerings may change due to enrollment, location, or fluency (Medical Spanish).  Please understand that as we add new courses, we may not be able to run every course every semester.

To register for an elective, email the course director. They will work on filling their classes and when their roster is finalized, they will work with the Registrar to get students officially enrolled.   

Colorado-Sponsored Electives

Graphic Novels & Medicine 

     Dr. George 

History of Medicine

     Ms. Fisher - 

     Dr. Elizabeth George -

Medical Spanish

     Dr. Mark Wardle -

Medicine in Film

     Dr. An Dang -

     Mr. Joe Richard -


A couple of new electives are also in the works ... stay tuned!


Utah-Sponsored Electives

Medical Spanish Elective - 

      Mark Wardle, DO,

       Thomas Bigham, DO


NOTE - Registration begins in mid-September and mid-January


Stay tuned for some new electives coming in the Spring of 2021