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URB - Available in CO only

The goal of the UUT is to equip students with the knowledge, skill, and compassion necessary to serve the underserved. Activities, coursework, and presentations relative to the vulnerable populations, which may include American Indians/Alaska Natives, Immigrants, Refugees, LGBTQ+ individuals, and the Homeless, will further prepare student physicians for fieldwork, volunteer, and externship experiences.

Students will be exposed to the underserved population through opportunities to engage with families and individuals, clinics, and wherever compassionate care is given to these groups. The UUT functions as a collaborative group, discussing important topics for the vulnerable and underserved. Students will find that this track provides a safe and liberal space where opinions matter. Topics covered may include Maternal/Child Health, LGBTQ+, Disparities in Healthcare and Health Insurance, Cultural Competency, Opioid Epidemic Response, Social Equity and Gentrification, among others.