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Colorado & MyVista IT Support Help Desk
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Montana IT Support Help Desk
Utah & iNet IT Support Help Desk
Phone: (435) 222-1305

This is a list of services RVU IT supports.  Please note that this is in no way a definitive list of all services offered by or through RVU.  If you have issues with a service not listed here, please feel free to email either of the helpdesk addresses.  If we are unable to help, we can point you in the right direction.


RVU Sites/Services:

MyVista – Support requests should go to  Requests for support include issues with login, file uploads, tab visibility, issues with forms, etc.  For issues with course visibility or grades, an email should be sent to the registrar’s office at

iNet – Support requests for iNet should go to

Library Proxy – IT supports login services to the RVU library proxy website.  This can be noted if you are at  Any other logins from the library website are not handled by RVU IT and will need to be handled by library staff.

Wifi – RVU provides wifi internet access to all students using the network name RVU-Student (password is colosteopath) for Colorado and RVU-Student-UT (password is utosteopath) for Utah.  Please note that there are bandwidth limitations in place so you MAY experience some slowdowns at time based on how many people are in the same area you are.  If you are experiencing a slowdown of service and there are a lot of others around you, you can try moving to a different area of the campus.  Additionally, if you have multiple devices connected to the wifi (laptop, tablet, phone, watch, etc), it can cause some connectivity issues if everyone around you has all of their devices connected as well.  Employees wishing to connect a personal device to the wifi may use the student network as well.


Hybrid services:

Office365 – Support requests can be sent to either helpdesk.  However, as the majority of 365 is run by Microsoft, we may not be able to provide full support in the event of any problems.  At that point, we can open tickets with Microsoft for further help.

Mediasite – IT aims to have all recorded lectures uploaded to Mediasite shortly after a lecture is over.  However, delays in processing either on the Mediasite website or Zoom (if lectures are done via Zoom) may delay uploads.  If a lecture is not available after 24 hours, please send a message to either helpdesk address above.  If you are experiencing issues with playback, please contact the helpdesk so that we can investigate further and open a ticket with Mediasite if needed.


Third-party sites (sites affiliated with RVU but not fully controlled by RVU/RVU IT):

SimulationIQ Colorado/Utah – IT supports login services to the SimulationIQ website (  Issues with the website beyond logging in need to be directed to the Office of SIMs (

Print Center website – IT supports login services to the print center website (  Issues with the website beyond logging in need to be directed to the print center (

ExamSoft – IT has no support capabilities for ExamSoft.  Support requests need to go through the Office of Testing or to ExamSoft directly ( (Colorado), (Utah), or (Montana).

New Innovations – IT has no support capabilities for New Innovations.  Support requests need to go through the clinical education department or to New Innovations directly.


Support of personal devices:

IT provides support for personal devices up to connectivity to RVU-provided services.  Support of employee or student-owned equipment for anything other than connectivity to RVU-services is the responsibility of the employee/student.  IT can provide information on computer companies nearby if needed, but due to liability issues and staffing size, is unable to provide additional support.