Office of Research Inclusivity Statement: The Office of research is committed to providing equitable access to guidance, resources, and opportunities for all faculty, staff, and students to engage in various research and scholarly activities that promote the advancement of educational, biomedical and clinical sciences.  Equitable support for these areas includes expert mentorship, statistical consulting, an intramural grant program, travel funds, and other special events to facilitate networking. 

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Research Interest Form - This is for students who are interested in getting involved in research. 
Research Project Form - This is for students who are looking to earn credit for their research project. 
How to Get Involved  

- Reach out to your network in the healthcare field and ask them if they are currently working on research and/or are aware if any of the people in their network are doing research, and would appreciate the help of a medical student. Reach out to your mentors and follow the directions above.

- Find research opportunities and connect with other students working on projects, starting projects, or building a team by joining the RVU Research Opportunities and Interest Teams page. Go to Click the link that says "Join the RVU Research Opportunities and Interests Group" and that will take you to the teams page.

- Medical students in the military are highly encouraged to complete research because the military branches follow a point system that grants points for research. You can reach out to Dr. Gubler or Tamara Campbell.

- Reach out to the class above you because many times students are working on research and hope that other students continue with their projects, so they are happy to pass it along.

- Apply to the Physician Scientist Track. We recommend that students to speak to their Peer Mentors and/or various students who have participated in tracks and electives to gain more information about the time commitment and the benefits of participating in a track before deciding to apply or join. Dr. Brooks is the director in Utah and Dr. Ryzner is the director in Colorado. 

-The new Research MyVista Page is great place to find all things research at RVU.

-Check out the research website for more resources! It has links to all the forms, information on getting started, writing an abstract, and more! 

Research can look like many different things. Check out this article to learn more about different types of research for medical students 

Careers in Medicine Research Data Base 
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AOA's Guide to Medical Student Research 

Library Guide

Check out the library guide to find additional resources on research and publishing.

This page focuses on research and publishing opportunities for students.

This page is focused on research and publishing resources. 

Dr. Amanda Brooks 

Vice Provost of Research and Scholarly Activity 

(435) 233-9525 


Dr. Karma McKelvey

Assistant Director of Research and Scholarly Activity 

(406) 901-2764


Emily Cox

Research Coordinator 

Dr. Dean Gubler 
Professor of Surgery and Military Medicine 
Director, Military Program Rocky Vista University 
MOB • CE9 
(435) 222-1258 
Tamara Campbell 
Military Medicine Affairs Coordinator 
(435) 233-9506 
Dr. Anthony J. LaPorta, MD, FACS 
Director of Military Medicine Program 
Professor of Clinical Surgery 
RVU-CO • FD-03 
(720) 874-2401 
Military Research Opportunities