What is Career and Professional Development?

At RVU, career planning begins at admissions and continues through medical school. Career counselors and advisors work collaboratively with students to answer questions and concerns regarding the career decision-making process. Individualized career counseling sessions help students select specialties, create CVs and ePortfolios in their pre-clinical years, and prepare for audition externships, interviews, and residency during clinical years. Students are directed to useful resources to achieve professional goals and develop meaningful careers.

Throughout your time at RVU, we are eager to help you develop your personal and professional development. As an RVU student, we hope to help you foster your professional development through a 9-pronged skill-set approach, our Professional Development Puzzle. 

Pre-Clinical and Clinical Career Development

The Career Counseling Team: Jeddie Herndon and Madison Tarleton, serve OMS-I and OMS-II students in the College of Medicine, PA Students, and MSBS Students.
The Clinical Career Advising Team: Wendy Finch, Dr. Haldy, and Dr. Small serve OMS-III and OMS-IV students in the College of Medicine. 

Book an appointment with us for CV and Resume review, Mock Interview, Noteworthy Characteristics, Career Counseling 1:1, Document Reviews, Specialty Interests, Networking and Online Presence, Professionalism Online, and more!

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Book an appointment with us for OMS III & OMS IV Career Advising, residency competitiveness and strategy, using NRMP data and resources to make informed decisions, direction through ERAS application, the interview season, Match week, and the transition to residency  

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