Preparing for your Fourth Year

1. Research Programs: Starting to research residency programs early can help prepare you for audition application season as well as residency application season. The spreadsheet you create can be a working document throughout OMS-3 and OMS-4 (sample spreadsheet below).

2. Collect and create documents you may need for audition rotation applications. Documents could include but are not limited to:

  • Immunizations
  • Titers
  • ACLS and BLS training
  • OSHA and HIPPA training
  • Mask Fit
  • Personal Statement
  • CV
  • Proof of Personal Health Insurance
  • Professional Photo
  • Short personal biography

3. Continue collecting Letters of Recommendation

Audition Clerkships: RVU defines an audition clerkship as a clinical rotation, completed in your 4th year, at a residency program where you are functioning as an intern. Auditions are basically "month-long interviews;" they are a good source of LORs/SLOEs and to solidify your specialty choice. 

  • Audition clerkships are your responsibility to schedule. You may have to use VSLO, Clinician Nexus and various program websites to apply.
  • Once you have solidified an audition rotation, submit the appropriate iNet form (Make sure you include specific contact information for the program):
  • What to do on your audition clerkships:
    • Make sure you understand expectations and responsibilities
    • Work hard
    • Network
    • Be spectacular (arrive early, be engaged, proactive, be an active learner, don't be "in the way")
    • Show that you are easy to work with
    • Don't complain
    • Show that you're a good employee and easy to work with
    • Be a team player

Students receive access to VSLO in November of the OMS-3 year.

Most program catalogs will not be visible until January-April of the calendar year. Applications are accepted once catalogs open. Some programs will indicate these projected dates on the "Institution Summary" page.

Process: Once you identify an experience you wish to apply for, you will select the experience, choose date ranges and upload your "Applicant" requirements. Once your requirements have been satisfied, you will submit your application, which is then visible by your Fourth Year Coordinator. Your fourth year coordinator will upload any "Home School" requirements. Once complete, your coordinator will release your application to the program for review. 

The Registrar's office automatically uploads transcripts. You do not need to fill out an iNet form to request a transcript upload. 

It is usually recommended that students apply to 3-4 times as many programs as they wish to schedule.

VSLO Guides and training videos can be found here:


Inpatient Rotations require 3 patient encounters per day.

Outpatient Rotations require 6 patient encounters per day. 

Mixed Rotations will be evaluated based on the weekly average (approximately 80 patient logs for a 4/week rotation). 

You must complete all patient log requirements before you can receive a final grade for your rotation.


Completed evaluations can be sent to 

Kristin Kelley-Gomez, 4th Year Clinical Rotations Coordinator (Colorado) 

Sarah Nordgran, 4th Year Clinical Rotations Coordinator (Utah)