Tracks & Special Programs

General Information

We provide students with optional, credit earning courses that cover topics beyond that of the regular core curriculum. 

    • This includes all TRACK and all ELECTIVE Courses.
    • TRACKS and ELECTIVES can vary in length and the amount of hours in class. Credit hours will vary anywhere from .5 to 3 credits per course. All grades and credit hours are posted on the student transcript. All courses provide a detailed syllabus that has been approved by the RVU Institutional Curriculum Committee.
    • TRACKS involve an application process, are longitudinal and progressive in nature, more career-oriented, last 3.5 years in length, and include some sort of clinical component. Grades are Honors/Pass/Fail at the discretion of the Course Director(s).
    • ELECTIVES are short Pass/Fail stand-alone, one-semester courses. Most of these have 3-4 sections to avoid an overlap in materials. The course directors also provide a complete and approved syllabus for each of these courses.  There may be a nominal fee associated with some electives. The Medical Spanish elective does require a pretest to establish fluency level in order to place you into the correct class. i.e. January elective may be “Basic Medical Spanish” and the fall semester may be “Intermediate/Advanced." 
    • The department also offers the following:
      • Approves all international externship sites for clinical students
      • Provides medical outreach opportunities for all interested M1-M4 students.
        • Note that students do not need to be in a track to participate in medical outreach.


Department Admins: - as a group

Colorado: Becky Steenburg,

Utah: Judy Simmons,     


Department Chair: Dr. Camille Bentley DO, MPH, FACOFP: at  - Colorado Campus, Pod B

President, Hands for Health Foundation, Aurora,

Vice-Chair, Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital,

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Title Description

TRACK STUDENTS - Use this link to complete the form for your track.

General Information

Tracks are open to second semester first year students and run through the remainder of their education.

Academic Medicine & Leadership - cross-campus cohort

    UT - Dr. Clyde Jensen

    CO - Dr. Kelli Glaser and Dr. Matt McEchron


Digital Health - cross-campus as one cohort

     Dr. Cole Zanetti

     Dr. Regan Stiegmann


Global Medicine - CO and UT, separately


     Dr. Camille Bentley - 

     Dr. Vickie Roettger -


     Dr. Mark Wardle -


Rural & Wilderness Medicine - CO and UT, separately


     Dr. Dave Ross - 


     Dr. Thomas Bigham -


Long Term Care Medicine - Utah only

     Dr. David Crimin


Physician-Scientist - CO and UT, separately


     Dr. Rebecca Ryznar - 


     Dr. Amanda Brooks -


Urban Underserved - Colorado Only

     Dr. Jean Bouquet

     Prof. Jensen Fisher 



General Information

Electives are open to all students, from any program who are in good standing. Course offerings may change due to enrollment, location, or fluency (Medical Spanish).  Please understand that as we add new courses, we may not be able to run every course every semester.

To register for an elective, email the course director. They will work on filling their classes and when their roster is finalized, they will work with the Registrar to get students officially enrolled.   

Colorado-Sponsored Electives

Graphic Novels & Medicine 

     Dr. George 

History of Medicine

     Prof. Jensen Fisher - 

     Dr. Elizabeth George -

Medical Spanish

     Dr. Mark Wardle -

Medicine in Film

     Dr. An Dang -

     Mr. Joe Richard -

Religion, Health & Healthcare

     Dr. Qamrul Choudhury -


Utah-Sponsored Electives

Medical Spanish Elective - 

      Mark Wardle, DO,

       Thomas Bigham, DO


Fundamentals of East Asian Medicine Elective - 

        Keith Bodrero, DO

        Janene Borandi, DACM



NOTE - Registration begins in mid-September and mid-January