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International Externships Original post: Mon 7/29/2019 at 1:54 PM

Hey M3 and M4 Student Doctors,


Many of you have gone on International Medical Outreaches or Externships with RVU in the past.  Congratulations!  You know the routine.  BUT…….the department of Tracks and Special Programs Global Medicine office has changed some of the procedures.  So for all of your benefits, I am sending you out the who, what, when, where, why and how. 


WHO: any M3 or M4 student in good standing with RVU can indeed go on an International Externship.  You will want to speak to your Clinical Coordinator about times that will work with your Externship schedule.


WHAT: this is an opportunity for you to travel and learn at the same time.  Most trips, you will be working 40-45 hours per week and then will be able to do some site seeing on the weekends. 


WHEN: if you are planning on going on an International Externship, NOW is the time to start the search.  The Approval Process can take up to a month to process and MUST be approved 4-6 months PRIOR to departure for the Externship. 


WHERE: you can find a list of all the organizations RVU has partnered with in the past on myVista on the Tracks and Special Programs page.  Click Here to view.  You are not limited to these organizations, but these are organizations that we have used in the past and that our students have had good experiences with. 


WHY: why not?  This will give you a great opportunity to experience diseases and injuries that you most likely will not see in the US.  It will help you when you are interviewing for your residencies and will make you a more rounded candidate as a doctor. 


HOW: go to myVista and read all about the fun opportunities that we offer.  Click Here to read up on the application process and to find ALL the forms.  We will no longer be accepting any paper forms (other than the Travel Authorization – notarized).  All forms will be submitted through myVista. 


If you have any question, please direct them to and someone from the Global Medicine Office will get back to you.  There is also a discussion board on myVista where you can post questions and get answers. 


Have fun and I hope to see you on my list of International Travelers soon. 

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